Five Ways to Reduce your Food Bill

Many of us will find that our food bills make up a big percentage of our outgoings. We can sometimes feel that it is going up and up all of the time and might be looking for ways to lower it. There are different things that we could try but below are five suggestions which could help that you may not of thought of trying before.

  • Eat out less – eating out can be really expensive. Although it can be convenient not having to cook yourself and you may be able to get food that you cannot easily cook, it is worth thinking about whether the cost is really worth it. Consider how much more it costs compare to making the meal for yourself and whether it will be better to stop eating out or just save it for the odd occasion as a very special treat.
  • Have less take away food – take away food can be very convenient and often we will order it because we feel too tired too cook. However, it can be really expensive as well. It can be worth comparing the price of a pizza on a take away menu to one form a supermarket as the difference is huge. It takes very little effort to cook a supermarket pizza and it is massively cheaper. The supermarkets will sell other convenience foods too, which are similar to take away food but a lot cheaper and can be cooked in the oven or microwave with very little effort and so well worthwhile.
  • Buy less convenient food – convenience food can be expensive though compared to cooking form scratch. Many of us do not feel we have a lot of time for this, but there are many meals will take only 10-20 minutes to cook and so you could find that if you look online for recipes there are some cheap and easy meals that you can make. It can feel hard to get used to cooking all of the time, but sometimes a bit extra and freezing some portions or putting them in the fridge means that you will not have to cook every day. It can be great to start to discover that you will be able to make food that is suited exactly to your taste rather than having to eat things that others have flavoured.
  • Watch out for offers – there are lots of offers often in supermarkets and they can be good and bad so it is wise to be very careful. You need to think about whether the offers are as good as they seem. If they are on items that you regularly buy, then go for it, stock up and take advantage but make sure that you do not buy so much that it goes off before you eat it. However, we will always that there will be offers on things that we do not normally buy. We can still be tempted to buy things though because they are cheap. However, it is always worth remembering that it is cheaper not to buy the items at all.
  • Check portion sizes and snacks – It is really easy to eat more than we need both by having portions that are unnecessarily large or by having snacks between meals that we do not really need. By cutting back on the amount of items we eat, we can easily save money and we will be healthier too. In fact, doing all of these things will help us to be healthier in most cases and so as well as saving money we will also be doing our bodies good.

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